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Sign up for the Valentines Day Workshop and make stamped rings with Flotsam and Co!

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Valentine’s Day Workshop: Stamped Rings with Flotsam Co

February 14th (12-3pm)

Sign up cap: 8 ppl

$90 couples $50 singles

Materials include: sterling silver, sanding papers, pickling compounds, free gift boxes, + gift wrap!

Gift something truly one-of-a-kind this Valentines Day with Flotsam Co! Create a sterling silver ring from scratch and personalize it with a message to your loved one.

Participants will cut silver, shape, and measure to size. On the inside of the ring, the participant will stamp a personal message to their Valentine. The message will be visible only on the inner band of the ring, and the outside will be a simple silver. While the rings are being hardened and shined, gift boxes, wrap and cards will be available for packaging!





Moving Forward Highlights

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Recap Video by: Petey Ulatan
15 Seconds by: Ciara Ratum
Additional footage by: Mark Mizusawa & Douglas Whittingham

Photos by: Chris Isono

Relive the festivities right here! Don’t worry if you missed out on this one, our next Art + Flea “Big Trouble in Little China” will be Thursday Feb 25th from 5pm-10pm at Ward Warehouse!


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Art + Flea heads to Mililani this Saturday at Rec Center 5!

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ART + FLEA PRESENTS MILILANI MARKET: Saturday Feb 6th 4pm- 9pm

Cost: FREE and all ages!

Where: Mililani Town Association Rec Center 5
95-1101 Ainamakua Dr, Mililani, HI 96789

Hours: 4pm-9pm

Parking: There is parking at Rec 5, however spaces fill fast! Mililani Town Association will provide additional parking at a free shuttle at the Mililani Park & Ride on the day of the event!

Participating Vendors:
Nature Nurture Goods
Natural Aloha
Saltwater Swim
Beachcomber Design
Butterfly in the Wind
My 3 B’s
Kawaii Mono
Lahaole Designs
Handmade is Haute
Dear Ashley Jewelry
Flattery Designs
Cruising Keiki
+ more!

Olay’s Thai Food Express
Teapresso Bar
Wild Candy Bacon Company
Humbled by Nature Shave Ice
Beyond Burgers

Live DJ SETS by

Enter the ART+FLEA LIP SYNC CONTEST to win a pair of SOSUPERSAM concert tickets (2/20 @ REPUBLIK)! Visit bampproject.com for event info.  


Illuminage Group lights up Art + Flea at Moving Forward!

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Catch the lights!

At Moving Forward this Thursday, Art + Flea begins our team up with the Illuminage Group to enhance the visual spectacle of our shopping market. Come to Ward Warehouse to experience it all!

Moving Forward: Thursday Jan 28th from 5pm-10pm at Ward Warehouse!



Design LED Light Specialty Company.    Illuminage Group brings innovation, technology and creativity to Hawaii.  We specialize in creating custom turnkey displays.  We provide all aspects of the process from design, products and installation.

Illuminage group with wht bkgrnd

Design LED Light Specialty Company –  Create. Illuminate. Amaze.



Art + Flea Moving Forward Event Guide

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Art + Flea Moving Forward is all set for this week! The following is just a taste of what you can expect at the event!

Shop unique local products!


A photo posted by Exempli Gratia™ (@exempligratiaclothing) on

Workin! Tons of pockets in the mix. Our biggest pile(s) in a while! #can #mahalo

A photo posted by Nature/Nurture (@naturenurturegoods) on

Get some grinds!

With also:

  • Queen T bakery
  • Aloha pops
  • I Love Tacos
    + more!

ALSO get free coffee samples from Brue Brue! Find their baristas with Coffee Jet Packs at Art+Flea!

Also featuring some of your favorite Ward Warehouse Merchants!

  • Miemiko
  • Eden in Love
  • Red Pineapple
  • Oiwi Ocean Gear
  • Native Books/Na Mea Hawaii
  • Pictures Plus

+ more!

Get stamped at MORI to receive amazing deals at the following Ward Warehouse shops on the day of Art+Flea:

  • Big Bad Wolf – 10% off merch
  • Wedding Cafe – Free T-shirt *Select Styles Only*
  • Brue Bar – FREE TCHO Mini Chocolate with any drink purchase
  • Novel T World – 15% off entire stock
  • Cookies – 10% off all regular priced items in store
  • Island Soap & Candle Works – 10% discount on purchase of $25 or more on regular priced items (cannot combine with any other promotion)

Get Entertained!

Live Performances By:

Mansions (soundcloud.com/mansions_music) 7:15pm – 7:45pm

Aura Bora (aurabora.bandcamp.com) 8:00pm – 8:40pm

Ivory City (facebook.com/ivorycitymusic) 9:05pm – 9:45pm

Live DJ SETS by



Special pop-ups + Activities + Workshops:

  • EngiNERD Woodblock Printing Workshop at Mori
  • Nail art bar by Glossy Hawaii
  • Photobooth by Photo Ops at Mori


Enter the ART+FLEA Eating Challenge to win a pair of CHILL HARRIS concert tickets (1/19 @ Republik)! Visit bampproject.com for event info.                   


Art + Flea Do What You Love: Chad Watanabe

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Chad Watanabe is a Hawaiian Japanese Woodblock sculpture. Watch as he shares his love for this art form and spreading it’s knowledge to inspire others.

Catch Chad at Art + Flea events hosting an awesome do-it-yourself Japanese Woodblock printing Station!

Video By: Chris Balidio | thisisrndr.com

Music – Treefall by Andrew Garma


Art + Flea UH Manoa kicked off a new semester with style

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Written by: Kristin Rivera
Photos by: Travis Sasaki

To kick off the start of a new semester for the students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus, Art + Flea set up for their first market of 2016 at Campus Center. Not only was it a sunny day, but you could feel a lot of good vibes going around as groups of friends gathered to check out what some of our local vendors brought. From apparel designed by small business owners, to handmade jewelry, there was something for everyone to enjoy. KTUH provided live DJ sets and Teapresso Bar supplied the refreshing and organic milk teas to help get through the heat. Students from the Department of Theater and Dance showcased fun and quirky modern dance performances for the crowd to watch.


Mahalo to those who came to check out and support Art + Flea, all the local vendors and artists, Ka Leo, and the UH Manoa Department of Theater and Dance Department.  We had a blast on campus and hope to make this happen again later on in the year. In the meantime, keep an eye out for upcoming events at Ward Warehouse, the home base for our Art + Flea markets.


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DIY! Graphic Embroidered Art

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By Kat King


  • Plastic canvas in “10 mesh”
  • #18 embroidery needle
  • Yarn in various colors
  • Empty frame
  • Scissors 

Step One: Using the opening of the frame to measure, use the yarn to trace an outline on the plastic canvas. You want the space your working with to fill the frame perfectly. 

Step Two: Create the main design of your piece, trying the ends of each color of yarn to the back of the canvas. Once you create your design fill in the empty areas with neutral yarn. Be careful not to pull the yarn too tightly or it will bend the canvas which will make it hard to fit into the frame. 

Step Three: Trim away any excess canvas so it will fit inside the frame. Be sure to remove the outlining yarn from step one! Pop your design into the frame, and the project is complete! 


Featured Band: Ivory City

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Photos by Ryan Nash
Written by Ken Reyes


A young band with raw talent — this is what Ivory City brought to the plate.

Kickstarted by Jon Banquil in 2014, Ivory City came from humble beginnings. In fact, its current band members hailed from different groups prior to teaming up for this project.

“After about a year of misfires and name changes, Jon found the three of us and we became Ivory City,” said Jacob Wong, one of the band’s guitarists.


“Jared [Tomi, the drummer] started out as a sub from the pre-Ivory City days, but stuck around as a permanent member.”

As for Jacob, he joined after Jon, who had been playing for Half Step Down at that time, saw him with The Maneki Nekos. He also calls himself the “dad” of the group.

“I like old people music. I’m [also] the oldest and the most boring,” he laughed.

On the other hand, Jon found Josh Sharp, their front man, “noodling around” at Easy Music Center.

“The rest is history. All 4 months of it,” he added.

Jacob also said that the band has a bassist that no one ever sees and “he wishes to remain anonymous.”

Though Jon spearheaded the project, he credited their unity to the common love and interest in a greater kind of music and energy.

“We wouldn’t be here if we all didn’t like the music we play, and the fact that we can make something that we can all really feel is what I think brought a group of highly trained musicians together,” he said.

Drawing influences from bands such as The 1975, Explosions in the Sky, M83, and Haim, Ivory City has aimed to serve an indie-pop vibe to their music as well as other elements.

“The most noticeable elements of the sound are shoegaze/post-rock and synth-pop. It’s got a little bit of an 80’s feel,” Jacob said. “We each have a wide range of individual influences as well.”

However, Jacob also iterated that their band’s unique idiosyncrasies distinguish them from other groups.

“We don’t have strict lead/rhythm guitar roles like a lot of traditional bands do,” he said. “In a few of our songs, Jon will be shredding a solo while I’ll be soloing lower on the neck in a more open, melodic way.”

“Jared plays to a click so it forces all of us to be really disciplined with our parts. He’s our secret weapon,” Jacob added. “On top of that, Josh has a killer voice and puts on a seriously fun show.”

Speaking of shows, Ivory City prided itself on setting up their territory at Crossroads in Hawaiian Brian’s. For the band, this venue is home base.

“I don’t remember exactly when it was, but I think my personal favorite moment was the first time we played Pills on the Crossroads stage for the first time,” Jon said. “That song in itself is such an emotionally lifting and at the same time draining experience.”

“That first time we played it, everything about me told me that this band was my future and this music was my life.”

From a young age, Jon had his eyes set on the music scene. His recognition for passion and artistry is what drives him to become a musician.

“I guess partly due to the fact that I get bored easily, I always want to do more,” he said.

“It’s always an amazing feeling to be able to have an idea in your head and properly convey it to a tangible listenable piece of music. That feeling of creating something unique to what I am is a true mental and emotional award, especially when it comes together with the guys in the band.”


However, his proudest achievement is being in this band, praising his band mates for their unique contributions and penchants that helped shape this collective.

“It’s amazing what we are,” Jon said. “Josh and Jacob are bluesy rock kind of guys. Jared is an alt-rock drummer, and I’m all sunshine pop and butterflies. In a sense, the band has taken on this higher existence of playing the music I’ve kind of imposed on them.”

“I guess based on all our roots, the band became its own entity and that’s something that I’m sure everyone in the band can be infinitely proud of,” he added.

Come to Art + Flea’s next event, Moving Forward on Thursday, January 28th to watch a live performance by Ivory City.



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A shopping event focusing on local small businesses, artisans and crafters at Ward Village.

HONOLULU – Hawaii’s Favorite Urban Market kicks off 2016 with a bang! After the success of their Chinatown Holidaze shopping market in December, Art + Flea brings it’s monthly urban market to Ward Warehouse starting Thursday Jan 28th 2016. The event will take place from 5pm – 10pm and will feature 60 of its local artisans, crafters, entertainers and foodies to the shopping destination and will also include the established shops at Ward Warehouse. The event will be free and all ages, will feature local musicians and the debut of their new shopping spaced called the “Hide Out”.


“The support local movement has been gaining steam these past few years,” Art + Flea co-founder Aly Ishikuni-Sasaki said. “We are bringing our unique shopping experience monthly to a place that embodies that spirit.” What’s different from past events is that, Moving Forward (and following events) aim to be property focused. “It’s about logistics, our market will take place on the interior of Ward Warehouse, enclosing the audience and driving the experience throughout the complex,” Art + Flea Brand/Business Manager Pete Ulatan said.


Additionally, there will be specials offered by participating merchants at Ward Warehouse. Brue Bar will be offering Free TCHO Mini Chocolate with any drink purchase and Big Bad Wolf will offer 10% off during the time of the event. Specials and deals are only offered to shoppers with an Art + Flea stamp, where they can get stamped at Mori. More specials will be announced through social media channels (@artandflea) and on Art + Flea Websites: Artandflea.com & Morihawaii.com


About Art + Flea

Art+Flea is a unique monthly shopping experience held in Ward Village. Art+Flea is fun and fresh and draws a young eclectic crowd of conscious shoppers. Our dynamic makeup includes independent artists, fashion designers, local musicians, food trucks and entrepreneurs. It’s our genuine mission is to connect community with creativity. For more information, go to: ARTANDFLEA.COM



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"Art + Flea has allowed us to turn our passion/hobby into a thriving small business. Without their support we wouldn’t have been able garner as big of a following as we have today. Thank you, Art + Flea!"

− Luna Amante

"What I love about Art + Flea is the strong community, we build such a strong relationship with our customers because of Art + Flea. Part of this is because vendors are the main focus."

− Chad Maluyo

"Art + Flea was an amazing resource for us because it really allowed us to network right from the very beginning. We met people who shopped with us at our loft and those who still shop with us today. "

− Barrio Vintage

"Art + Flea has done an great job coordinating the events, making sure that both the vendors and customers enjoy the experience. "

− CityStars Apparel